Rising Damp Solutions on the Wirral

Rising damp is a common problem in homes across the Wirral. It is caused by capillary action, whereby groundwater is drawn up from the surrounding soil through porous building materials notably bricks and mortar. Over time, that water seeps into the surrounding plaster and woodwork, causing significant damage to both.
Here at Wirral Waterproofing, we have been helping customers across the Wirral to combat rising damp. Our team of damp-proofing experts travel across the peninsula, dealing with rising damp in Bromborough, Birkenhead, Frankby, Leasowe, Pensby, Oxton, and everywhere in between.

What Causes Rising Damp?


Most buildings a damp proof course fitted that prevents water being drawn up through the brickwork. Where the DPC has failed, there is nothing to stop the rising damp. Damp proof courses can also be bridged if earth or soil builds up against the outside of a property, rising to a point higher than the DPC injection.

What Is the Impact of Rising Damp?


While not as destructive as penetration damp, rising damp can still cause significant damage to your property. It affects walls on the ground floor – as water is drawn up through the brickwork, it leaches into the surrounding plaster, weakening it. This results in crumbling plaster, bubbling wallpaper, and flaking paintwork, as well as leaving a distinctive tide mark.

Treating Rising Damp


While rising damp is unsightly and potentially dangerous to your property, it is a condition that can easily be treated. This treatment normally takes the form of a damp proof course injection, coupled with re-plastering the affected walls.

Damp Proof Course Injection


A damp proof course (or DPC) involves inserting a waterproof layer into your property’s brickwork, between the ground and your floorboards. The quickest and most cost-effective way to do this is to inject a waterproofing chemical into the mortar at the appropriate height. Once dry, this forms an impenetrable barrier, preventing groundwater from being drawn up through the brickwork.



While a DPC might prevent future instances of rising damp, the damage may have already been done to your internal wall. Once the affected area dries, the plaster is often subject to crumbling. At Wirral Waterproofing, we remove damaged plaster, quickly filling and patching the hole before skimming it to a smooth, flawless finish, ready for painting or papering.

Why Choose Wirral Waterproofing?

There are many reasons to choose us for your rising damp treatments across the Wirral. These are the most common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers.

Experienced Rising Damp Specialists


Wirral Waterproofing has been part of the local damp proofing trade, here on the Wirral, for many years. We have our own team of waterproofers, specialising in treating rising damp. Between us, we have decades of experience in the industry, which we bring to every job we take on. This extensive expertise guarantees first-rate work and unbeatable customer service.

Your Local Rising Damp Experts


As our name suggests, we are based right here on the Wirral, where we have been trading for many years, dealing with our customers’ rising damp concerns across the peninsula. Our team is local to the area and provides essential assistance to customers as far afield as Bidston, Brimstage, Caldy, Liscard, Claughton, Eastham, and beyond.

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