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  • With the winter weather now well and truly set in, problems relating to damp and condensation are likely to be on the rise. Click through to see our top 5 tips on preventing damp.

  • Rising damp commonly affects the interior and exterior walls of a property. It is the result of moisture from the ground being drawn up through a building’s walls by capillary action.

  • Condensation affects most houses in the UK and the Wirral is no different. In this article, we will tell you what causes condensation, how to spot it, and the most effective methods for dealing with it.

  • Black mould is a common problem in homes that suffer from condensation. The humid conditions and damp walls form an ideal breeding ground for this particular species of fungus.

  • Unlike dry rot, there are various types of fungus that fall under the catch-all term of wet rot – though the most common of them is coniophora puteana, or cellar fungus.

  • At Wirral Waterproofing, we have been treating dry rot across the peninsula for decades. In this article we explain what dry rot is, how it spreads, and how to recognise when you have it in your home.