Dry Rot Treatment on the Wirral

Dry rot is the common name given to a form of wood decay caused by various species of fungus active across the UK. The fungi’s spores thrive in humid environments, requiring an atmosphere with a moisture content of around 30% in order to initiate their attack on the wood. In domestic terms, this humidity is normally the result of damp, water ingress, or poor ventilation.
Here at Wirral Waterproofing, we have been eradicating dry rot in homes and businesses across the peninsula for many years. Wherever you are based on the Wirral – be it Spital, Saughall Massie, Tranmere, Upton, Wallasey, Woodside, or beyond – you can rely on us to help you out.

What Causes Dry Rot?


As the Wirral’s foremost dry rot removal experts, we have much to offer our customers across the peninsula. Here is just a few of the services we perform.

Identifying the Source


To eliminate dry rot, we need to remove the conditions that allow it to flourish. We need to know why this part of your property is prone to humidity and what we can do to fix that. There may be a leak that needs patching and plugging, natural damp that needs treating, or ventilation that needs installing. Whatever the cause, we will find it and resolve it accordingly.

Removing Affected Timbers


Even with the rot itself eradicated, the damage has often already been done to the timbers. Dry rot is highly destructive, eating into untreated wood and destroying the cellulose that gives the timbers their structural integrity. The only thing to do is to cut away the affected wood and dispose of it.

Treating and Replacing Timbers


Once the rot-infested timbers are removed, we fit fresh, strong timbers in their place. Dry rot is a highly-fecund type of fungus, spreading quickly through spores in the air. To prevent these spores from affecting the replacement timber or the rest of your wood, we treat them with chemical solutions that kill of any remnants of the rot, preventing it from taking hold.

Why Choose Wirral Waterproofing?

There are many reasons to choose us for your dry rot treatments across the Wirral. These are the most common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers.

A Name You Can Trust


In the years we have been trading, Wirral Waterproofing has earned a reputation for excellence among our customers across the Wirral. It is a reputation we have worked hard to build and one that we work even harder to maintain. Much of that is down to our former and existing customers, many of whom recommend our dry rot solutions to friends and family in a similar situation.

Your Local Dry Rot Experts


We are based right here on the Wirral – as you have likely guessed from the name of our company. Our team of experts travels across the peninsula, helping our customers when they need us the most. Whether you are in Rock Ferry, Storeton, Thingwall, Thornton Hough, Thurstaston, Larton, or further afield, you can depend on us to eradicate all signs of dry rot quickly and effectively.

Experienced Dry Rot Specialists


Wirral Waterproofing has been treating dry rot in domestic homes and commercial premises across the peninsula for many years now. Our team of dry rot specialists have have been part of the trade for decades between them. This extensive level of experience is your guarantee of a fast and effective treatment, as well as impeccable customer service.


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