Penetration Damp Solutions on the Wirral

Penetration damp (also known as lateral damp) is common in older properties and usually the result of defective or damaged building materials. From leaking roofs and windows to cracked render and deteriorating brickwork, there are any number of ways for dampness to penetrate through your walls.
Here at Wirral Waterproofing, we have spent years assisting our customers across the peninsula with their penetrating damp problems. From Barnston, Birkenhead, and Clatterbridge, to Greasby, Heswall, Hoylake, and beyond, we can be relied upon to deliver fast and effective damp proofing solutions.

Effective Penetrating Damp Solutions
Across the Wirral


As the leading providers of penetrating damp services on the peninsula, we have much to offer our Wirral customers. Here is just a few of the things you can expect from us.

A Full Site Inspection


There are often plenty of signs of penetrating damp to be seen around the house, the most common being bubbled, stained, or peeling wallpaper. Our team of damp proofing specialists will carefully inspection your property to diagnose the cause of the penetration damp and to trace it back to its source.

Fixing the Problem


Penetrating damp is only the symptom of the larger problem of water getting into your property. Once we know where the water is getting in, we can take the appropriate steps to eliminate the problem. This could involve fixing a leaking roofing, unclogged an overflowing gutter, repointing brickwork, or more. Whatever it might be, we have the tools and experience to fix the job for you.

Repairing the Damage


Once we have stopped water from entering your property, we can go about assessing and repairing any damage it may have caused. Depending on how long the damp has been an issue, this could be anything from crumbling plaster and render, through damaged masonry, rusted metal work, and rotten timbers. Whatever the damage might be, we can fix it, though we normally need to wait a few days for the area to dry out before we can begin.

Preventing Future Penetrating Damp


If water has made its way into your property once, there is every chance it could do it again. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the water ingress, there are several steps we can take to prevent it happening again. This include fresh rendering, waterproof paints and sealants, various chemical treatments, and more.

Why Choose Wirral Waterproofing?

There are many reasons to choose us for your lateral damp treatments across the Wirral. These are the most common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers.

A Name You Can Trust


We have a reputation on the Wirral for excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service. It is a reputation we have painstakingly built over the years and one that we intend to keep. We work hard to not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of all prospective customers.

Experienced Penetrating Damp Specialists


With a trading history spanning back years, Wirral Waterproofing is one of the best-established damp-proofing firms in the local industry. Our team of specialists has been part of the trade for decades between them, which ensures a first-rate job every time.

Your Local Rising Damp Experts


Based right here on the Wirral, we provide essential penetrating damp solutions to our customers throughout the peninsula. Our team of penetrating damp specialists covers the whole area, including Beechwood, Birkenhead, Landican, Liscard, Irby, New Ferry, and beyond.

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